Grumpy Magazine Issue 10.

The explanation:

In this season of my life the word “becoming” has been ingrained in my mind. This shoot is a product of those thoughts. As we change and mature and live fluidly in this world, it is so important to hold fast to our roots and our identity.  This series features poses and outfits that represent the growth and dreaminess of transformation. As we pass from one state to the next, this is the process of “becoming.” The sheet and the movement in her hair represent the motion of change and the freeness of spirit. Her outfits are transitional and raw, showing her personality through stages of life. The first one is more unruly and the second is more mature. The shooting style is meant to be a bit out of focus and more reliant on the imagination of the observer. We are never done growing. This is just a season of it. 


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Local Wolves Magazine Issue 55.

the explanation:

Local Wolves is a publication based in los angeles california. I was honored to be featured in their Self-love issue. Writer Meriel Kaye composed a little piece to enforce the importance of ones internal magic.





the explanation:

There is more than just being known and understood. I submitted a small series solely shot on film for the online zine Sunstroke.

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Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at 10.04.24 PM.png
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Local Wolves Issue 56: The aces.

The explanation:

An image from my series “Diversity in Arkansas” was recently featured in Local Wolves “On the Rise” section of their latest issue. This section featured images that visualize sticking together and holding one another up in the midst of chaos.